Eat a Simpler Story

I got started with low-impact eating thanks to a zen master and a piece of string cheese. To recap: Trump had just won the election, and I was exploring new frontiers of existential horror and anxiety for the future. My go-to coping mechanism—a glass (or three) of wine—was off the table because of my pregnancy. At... Continue Reading →

I dream of haunted diapers

I was two months pregnant when Trump won the election, and the prospects for our planet got immediately bleaker. After the initial flurry of protests, Lefties everywhere looked for coping mechanisms. Some of my friends drank. Some joined socialist organizations. Some took lots of baths. Some took drunken baths while reading Jacobin. I found solace... Continue Reading →

What is Ditching Disposable?

The planet is cooking. The oceans are filling with plastic. I'm over here, trying to be a good person, trying to raise my kid, trying to have some hope for the future of life on earth, but late capitalism makes that pretty impossible. Our economic system is set up to exploit all life on the... Continue Reading →

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